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Training Program: Infrastructure Financing

Training Program: Infrastructure Financing

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Mentor: Dr. Fareed Ahmed, former Executive Director of Punjab & Sind Bank

Learn from Dr. Fareed Ahmed about the complexities involved and how to manage these.

Infrastructure Financing is different from Traditional Financing. Infrastructure Projects have a long operating life, and huge sunk costs are involved in them. Therefore, careful evaluation of complexities is required before financing infrastructure projects.

The program consists of six videos covering

  1. Session1: Infrastructure- Overview 
  2. Session 2: Project Finance -Types of Finance PPP Models and RBI Guidelines 
  3. Question Answer Session on Sessions 1 & 2
  4. Session 3:  Project and Execution Structure and Risks in project financing 
  5. Session 4: Financial Appraisal and precautions while financing infrastructure
  6. Question Answer Session on Sessions 3 & 4

Self-Paced Learning Course. 


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