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VIDTECH005 Video: Data Analytics, AI and ML for Bankers

VIDTECH005 Video: Data Analytics, AI and ML for Bankers

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Shri Sunil Soni, Member Grievance Appellate Committee MeITY. Former CGM Punjab National Bank


  • Data Analytics Importance in Business
  • Analytics and Patterns in Data Interpretation
  • Risk Management, Data Analytics, and Automation in Business Operations
  • Unstructured Data Challenges: Integration and Compliance
  • Data, Analytics, AI in Banking
  • Data, Risk, Fraud, Compliance, Efficiency: Analytics in Banking
  • AI and Machine Learning in Banking Analytics
  • Structuring Approach & Data for AI & ML Implementation
  • Data, Analytics, and AI in BFSI Customer Engagement
  • Banking Sector's Automation & Cybersecurity: AI's Role
  • Implementing AI in Banking: Customer Analysis & Loan Underwriting
  • Data Sharing and Skill Building in Ecosystem Discussion
  • Implementing Data Analytics in Banking
  • Data Management and Analytics: Challenges and Standards
  • Root Causes, AI, Audit, Webinars: Bank's Future 


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