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Video: Responsible lending observing ESG Norms

Video: Responsible lending observing ESG Norms

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Video recording of the session held on 8th January 2023 at11.00 AM INDIA


Shri Hargovind Sachdev, former GM of State Bank of India and former CVO UCO Bank


  • Accountable lending benefits Bank & Debtor; Responsible lending benefits Bank, Debtor & Environment.
  • Ignoring the Environment affects Debtor & ultimately the Bank. 
  • More Greenhouse Gases a Debtor emanates, More Stressed Assets it Creates
  • Climate Risks & Banking Risks are Inseparable
  • The higher the Carbon Emissions, Higher Should be the Funding Cost.
  • Banks Must Use the Climate Risk as an Opportunity to Lend Anti-polluting equipment, Rather Than Embrace Stress in Performing Assets. 
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